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About Nima Rahbar’s design and development team

Nima Rahbar’s design and development team has been formed to expand the use of new information technology in the society and to improve the quality level of the existing software and their services. Beside answering needs and expectations and domestic tastes We hope to be a descent representative of our country information society in international stage, using latest technics and technologies and with collaboration of our experienced colleagues. Design via the latest technical knowledge will provide your commercial needs from scratch to the end without wasting extra time and money. We believe in a true understanding of needs and customer right respect, good and competitive quality and guarantee.

All programs presented by our team (web program and practical web-based ones) are written in PHP which are capable to implement over Linux, windows servers and MySQL data bases. High speed during use, security and latest technics and web based technologies are other features of this software. How it is designed is another reason to attract and enhance the users. The more you spend attention and taste, the better result you will get. Beautiful and suitable pictures, color relativity, animations and gifs are some examples of features which are both light to load and making your website known and well designed. According to what we said above we are ready to serve in different criteria such as design, development, advanced and dynamic websites preparation, relevant database creation, web design according to your order.

It is unavoidable nowadays to present information, introduce a complex considering its experience and abilities. So, it would be obvious and apparent to present information in the internet according to users’ needs and interests. It is possible through users’ access to the information they need, introducing the complex and presenting goals and abilities of this team, and finally creating a suitable atmosphere in order to communicate and attract more public and specific users in different criteria such as cultural, research, economic etc.



نیما رهبر

About Nima Rahbar

Nima Rahbar is born in 1982 in Tehran, BS in Computer engineering, Software. He has started teaching from 2007 and currently is one of the best instructor in web design and all its subdirectories.

Nima holds all qualified certificates of the great company called CIW until 2015 and he also is the first and only holder of the official certificate of CIW’s CI (certified instructor).

You can visit the website of Tehran Institute of Technology (mft.info), Enqelab and Mirdamad branches which is designed and developed by his team called Eighth Art Designers.




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