Private Professional Classes

According to the distance between educational contents in the universities and the market, we are to prepare practical and tutorial videos with the help of the best instructors in different criteria of web science, for you to learn in your favorite field then enter the market with the most affordable amount of money and best amount of time.

Web design courses will last for about 1 year. You need to pass some basic and general courses within this year, in classes with averagely 10 delegations. That’s why it lasts 1 year.

As HTML5 and CSS3 developed, web designing has expanded and learning that with books and media is too hard. There are many things in which you should try and fail to learn. The advantage of Visual learning is to learn best method in the least amount of time and you will get familiar with the correct design and coding methods. The more correct you learn at first, the less you make mistake later.

Nima Rahbar group is ready to teach web design and development to the interested students with compact online courses in the least amount of time. These are programmed in the way that you can start with the most basic knowledge and reach to the highest specialties.

If you find it useful to attend the classes, please kindly get more information about the date and place of the classes via contact page.

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